Getting The Initial Concept Right

The importance of this cannot be understated here. We will work with you from the early concept stages by suggesting various scales and model options. We then provide scaled drawings to aid in the visualisation of the finished model in the marketing suite thus allowing you to maximise the optimum usability of this essential marketing tool.


Minimising Mis Descriptions issues

We have a proactive support philosophy to assist your Marketing and Technical departments throughout the entire Model construction process ensuring that the model is as accurate as it can be when it is delivered to you on your requested delivery date.


We Never Miss a Launch Date

As we will have worked very closely with you on all key Technical issues during the model build it will help negate the need for last minute alterations and amendments at the final sign off before delivery and so ensuring the model will be delivered, on time and accurate to the agreed deadline.


We Help Save Costs on Site

Finding Technical issues during the model build is far more cost effective for you than once on site. Due to the high accuracy and thorough attention to detail we use, we can normally highlight for you important anomalies in the technical information at an early stage.


Making the journey as smooth as possible

We understand that when you commission a model there are a huge amount of factors for you to consider. The right company to use, the size of the model, the spec of the model, will it get delivered on time and be accurate... and so on and so on. You can rest assured we will assist you in every aspect from the initial discussion of the project, then right through the commissioning and model build. Then on to delivery on time and full aftercare support. In simple terms it is what we do... and have done for over 30 years.


Our Core Company Philosophy

Our company ethos has never changed and is very simple.. to make you look good and to help you sell more property. After all, as has always been the case... when you look good... then so do we.

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