CGI & Lighting

What Are interactive Models

These are models that include an element of cool white L.E.D lighting within them to emphasise and demonstrate particular aspects of the development project.

Simple Overall Model Lighting

We illuminate the internal core of the buildings or development to give a bit of sparkle to the project.

Individual Plot Lighting Using simple buttons or keypads

We individually separate out the lighting internally within the building or plots and then provide a method to allow each unit to be identified by your marketing representative. Either by simple buttons or a more impressive keypad system.

Fully integrated Computer based C.G.I Plot Finders

We do as above but instead of a button or keypad interface we link it to a fully featured C.G.I interface (Computer Graphical Interface) which works through a fully mobile (or can be fixed mounted) tablet interface. We normally use Apple iPads due to their software robustness and general pleasant aesthetics.

Why use our preferred Axeo C.G.I partner and designer

There is an extreme amount of complexity in making both the C.G.I element of the plot finder system and the physical model lighting to work together and most importantly with a high degree of reliability. We have worked with Axeo for many years perfecting our two systems to work together flawlessly. Axeo will provide a beautiful front graphical end to your plot finder with fantastic features and options and we will make it work in perfect harmony with our own onboard model lighting systems.

Model Technology T: 01474 879878